When the water settles

Oblivious of the early morning birdsong all around him, Aumaumer trudged gloomily along the trail that led to the swamp just outside the small town where he lived. He was still absorbed by the remnants of the dream that he had had less than an hour ago. And, in the same way that the sunlight filtered through the thick canopy of bald cypresses, he scoured his memory for the images he knew were missing, but to no avail. No matter how hard he tried, he simply could not piece his dream and the message that went with it together again.

The Offspring – Can’t Repeat
Just as he began to give in to frustration, the friendly voice of a woman sounded to his right:
“Good morning young man.”
It startled him, as he was unaware of anyone else being here at such an early hour. He looked up from the trail in search of the woman who had spoken, but was surprised to find no one there. No one apart from a blue heron striding slowly between the bald cypresses in the swamp. Aumaumer frowned out of uncertainty. Was his mind playing tricks on him?
“No need to doubt your senses,” the heron said with a warm smile.
Aumaumer’s jaw dropped in surprise.
“Yes, I am talking to you, Aumaumer.”
“How do you know my name?” Aumaumer asked, slowly regaining his composure.
“Hmm, let us say, that there is more to me than meets the eye,” the heron replied. “My name is Vunamun, by the way.”
“Oh, pleased to meet you, Vunamun,” Aumaumer said, “and good morning to you too.”


While they were talking, Vunamun came closer and halted a couple of metres away. Aumaumer was very impressed by her appearance. He had never had the privilege of standing face to face with such a majestic creature before.
“I can tell your mind is as murky as the water I am standing in,” Vunamun spoke, shaking him out of his thoughts.
“You’re right about that. No matter how hard I try, I can’t recall the dream I had just before waking this morning.”
“You are overthinking, and therefore, your mind is receiving more information than it can process. Like the water here, your mind is muddied.”
“Hmm, that makes sense,” Aumaumer said, nodding with a look of curiosity in his eyes.
“Dreams are messages from the soul,” Vunamun explained. “If you wish to understand these messages, you must clear your mind first.”
Aumaumer arched his eyebrows.
“How do I do that?”


“Well, firstly, close your eyes,” Vunamun replied.
Aumaumer did as he was asked.
“Then simply observe what is going on in your body. Your breathing, the beating of your heart and the flow of energy from the Earth and from the heavens.”
Vunamun gave Aumaumer some time to experience what he was feeling before she continued.
“Now, what do you see, Aumaumer?”
“My dream, it’s all coming back to me,” he said, laughing excitedly.
“Very good, now carry on.”
Aumaumer began to describe out loud the images that rapidly appeared before his mind’s eye. The first image was one of him eating his breakfast at the kitchen table. In between bites at his toast, he read the headlines of the newspaper. He could not remember the words he was reading, but the images they conjured up were clearly visible. Figures were moving slowly in the shadows and speaking inaudibly to each other. It was then that he began to feel pressure on his solar plexus. This was not a good sign. These were wicked people from the unlight who were gaining control over the world population by providing them with news that spread fear and distrust. Suddenly, he found himself in a crowded inner city street. There was something odd about the people there. Apathetic eyes staring from blank faces told Aumaumer they had been robbed of their free will and were blindly following orders.


Born in this place
You only see so far
Hear what we say

The world is a stage
And we know just who you are
What part do you play?

If we put the truth in your hands
Would you really like to know?
Kansas City milkman
From ‘Kansas City Milkman’ by Level 42


Level 42 – Kansas City Milkman

Right then, Aumaumer’s heart beat wildly and his breathing became heavy. He opened his eyes to reveal to Vunamun what she had already sensed: fear.
“I know,” Vunamun said in a comforting tone, “it is frightening to see what evil humanity is capable of.”
“You know what my dream means don’t you?”
“Yes, I do. The name Vunamun means ‘to see’. I see through the outer form to reveal the essence.”
“And what is the essence of my dream,” Aumaumer asked, arching his eyebrows.
“Well, you know what the essence is, Aumaumer, and it will come to you in good time. Like I said, dreams are messages from the soul. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact that your dream feels real does not imply that it is or will become real. You have the power to focus on positive changes that can bring about an entirely different outcome.”
“I see.”
“Yes, you do. Incidentally, do you know what your name means?”
“No,” Aumaumer replied, shaking his head.
“Aumaumer means ‘to awaken’. By paying close attention to your dreams, you shall awaken,” Vunamun explained.

Too much talking
Information, in the hands of the few
All the talking
Dis-information, that we take for the truth

From ‘Kansas City Milkman’ by Level 42

Vunamun had barely finished speaking, when new images came to Aumaumer.
“Oh, now I see,” he said, excitedly, and went on to describe what he saw. A flock of sheep was being herded by a sheep dog into a pen. As the sheep stood packed together, they felt relief from not being chased by the dog anymore. The farmer stood before them and emanated feelings of trust and security. Now the sheep knew everything was going to be alright. Minutes later they were loaded on to a cattle truck and driven to the slaughterhouse. The scene slowly faded away to make way for a new scene. At least, it appeared to be different at first glance. A huge crowd listened in the open air to a politician. The people smiled admiringly at him and there was a sense of unity and hope, while the politician told them how he was going to take care of them. However, no one seemed to notice that his face was slowly changing into that of a devilish creature. The creature smirked. It had other things in store for the people.

“Nothing is as it seems,” Vunamun commented when Aumaumer had finished relating what he had seen.
Aumaumer opened his eyes and nodded.
“And nothing happens by chance,” Aumaumer added.
“What makes you say that?”
“I get the feeling,” Aumaumer began to explain, “that a small yet powerful group of people has been manipulating and controlling us for generations. Events have been carefully created, planned and staged to make us believe we are in constant danger from terrorist attacks, disease, economic crises, climate change, invasion by other countries and so on. They are reported by the media that this group owns to instil fear and division, so that they can gain full control over humankind.”
“Hmm, you are learning very quickly. Well done, Aumaumer.”
“Thank you, Vunamun,” Aumaumer replied, blushing.
“Now that you know that you can rely on your inner guidance, you need not look outward for information or advice.”
“Yes, thank you, Vunamun.”
“Do not thank me, thank yourself,” Vunamun replied and pointed at some water lilies nearby. “Look over there.”
“They’re beautiful.”
“They are indeed. I believe they have a message for you.”
“Hmm, they’re telling me that something in me has changed,” Aumaumer said.


Vunamun smiled and said: “When the water settles, the true nature of things will become clear.”
Aumaumer paused for a moment before giving his interpretation.
“The water resembles my mind, whose thoughts have gone silent, allowing it to be purified and nourished by my heart.”
“Exactly. Now, what else do you feel?”
When Aumaumer heard the word ‘feel’, he instantly placed his hand on his solar plexus.
“By purifying myself, I am able to see more purely, both in the inner world and the outer world. And because I can see with pureness, I can also feel what it is that I really want from life. That way I know how to make choices and decisions based on my own free will, instead of acting on information from the outside world.”
“Very good, Aumaumer. You are truly beginning to see the light. Know that whatever comes to light, shall be purified and transformed into goodness.”
Aumaumer simply smiled warmly at Vunamun and said: “I am very grateful to you, my friend, for showing me the light.”
“You are most welcome, even though it was you who shone that light. The light of love shining from your heart.”

Can you see the light?
Can you see the light of love shining from my heart?
From ‘See The Light’ by Jeff Healey

Nothing is as it seems. It is my belief that evil forces are at work. Many of the people we look up to and admire, and rely on for guidance and leadership have been corrupted to their very core. They belong to a family of satanists who lurk in the shadows and have controlled the world for a very long time. To this day, they continue to spread fear, distrust, hate and division, and cause worldwide suffering and deprivation. But know that their days are numbered, for we, the people, are beginning to see the light. We are awakening and expanding our consciousness. We are purifying ourselves individually and collectively with the light of love. The light that, very soon, shall drive evil from its hiding place in the unlight and transform it into goodness, and help us to create paradise on Earth.

Jeff Healey – See The Light
Aumaumer: Algonquin (Wicocomico Nation, Virginia) word, meaning ‘to awaken’
Heron: Independence; self-determination; seeing what lies in the subconscious; pureness; intuition; free will
Vunamun: Algonquin (Wicocomico Nation, Virginia) word, meaning ‘to see’
Bald cypress: Connection of life and death; immortality; mourning
Water lily: Pureness, transformation, fertility, unity, transience

‘Swamp’ by JamesDeMers on Pixabay
‘Water Lillies’ by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay
‘Sun’ by jplenio on Pixabay


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