Just imagine ...

Imagine a world in which all living beings live in peace and harmony. A loving and balanced world that’s perfectly aligned with Nature. A world where people are centred and solely intent on bringing about abundant goodness and the well-being and spiritual evolution of all life on Earth. Such a world will come about when we live from the heart. Because it’s through the ethereal heart that we are aligned with our true self – with our essence.

Heart-based communication services

Hi! How are you going? My name’s Wim Beunderman. It’s my heart’s desire to help create such a world and I do so as a communications advisor. With natural heart-based communication services and with communication advice, I help businesses, other organizations and individuals to communicate from the heart. What my clients have in common, is the desire to improve and further develop themselves and the world around them.

The scale on which they operate is not important to me. One moment, I could be working for a school that focuses on the personal development of their students and staff, or for an agricultural business seeking to apply permaculture and regenerative farming. And the next moment, you’ll find me guiding the owner of a small cleaning firm in communicating more openly and naturally with their employees.

Connect with each other’s essence

Together with other professionals in my network, I help clients to communicate from the heart and straight to the heart. The more we communicate in this way, the deeper we will connect with each other’s essence. And once we do this, there are no limits to how beautiful a world we can create.

My communication services





I’d love to meet you

Are you going to join me in communicating from the heart? And could you do with some help? I’d love to meet you and learn all about you and your contribution to a happy and loving world.


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Gentle was his name

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