In my professional experience, there is an abundance of brilliant products and services out there. And there are many people who have put in countless painstaking hours to develop or innovate these. Although they are often able to describe what their product or service does in great detail, many of them do not manage to describe its value.

What’s in it for your audience?

Maybe you are in the fortunate position where your product or service sells itself. Or maybe you are not. In that case, we need to talk. Let me start by asking you: What’s in it for your audience? By this I mean what value do you provide? For instance, what problem do you solve? How are you making someone’s life or work easier? Or are you providing your audience with something that they cannot do without?

Your value proposition

Without the answers to these essential questions, your audience is less likely to recognize what you are providing. And if your groundbreaking product or life changing service is not finding its way to your audience, it might well end up being developed for nothing and all of your work and inspiration will go to waste. Concepting enables you to create a concept of the value that you are actually providing – your value proposition – and integrate this into your brand storytelling.

Concepting services

Value definition

Using the information from concepting sessions with you, interviews with your colleagues and business partners, plus other information that you provide, I make a clear description of your product or service. This description is the basis for the value definition of what you provide to your target audience.

Concept creation

Once you are satisfied with the value definition, I will get to work on creating a concept of your product or service and the value proposition. This concept is integrated into your brand story and serves as a basis for your communication about your product or service.

Instant Concepting Course

I am currently working on 3 on-demand courses. One of these is the Instant Concepting Course. It enables you to create your own concepts, for instance, for products or services that you develop in the future. Please check out my Courses page for more information.

Did you know?

Inspirare is a Latin word, meaning: ‘to breathe life into’, hence the English word ‘inspire’.
Concipere is also a Latin word, meaing: ‘to conceive’, hence the English word ‘concept’.

Create your concept