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As long as I can remember, I have always had a strong bond with Nature. As a young boy, I loved being in the bush. There I listened to the birds and spotted animals that I had never seen before and looked up afterwards in books. I also loved waking up to the sound of our local family of kookaburras welcoming a new day with their raucous laugher. Most of all though, I took great pleasure in just being in Nature and taking everything in. It helped me to simply be present and feel. My connection with Nature restored my inner calm and reconnected me with my true nature. With my essence or core identity in all its pureness.

My connection with Nature

This is still true today. Whenever I reconnect with my true nature, I am true to myself. That is when deep down, I am that pure and innocent little kid again, listening closely to what his heart tells him. It makes me more conscious of and receptive to new possibilities being presented to me in the form of ideas and spontaneous insights. With great curiosity, imagination and playfulness, I follow up on these to make the most of any situation and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Each day, I become more aware of the connection I have with Nature, as an individual and as part of a greater consciousness. Nature gives me signs in all sorts of ways. It can be leaves rustling in the wind, animals that surprise me by suddenly crossing my path and waiting a while before disappearing, pebbles shifting restlessly in a stream, birds singing to their hearts’ content, the continuous flow of water in a waterfall, or the calm of a clear blue sky after a thunderstorm. It is these signs that invite me to be present in silence, so I may receive the information I need at that moment.

From the heart, straight to the heart

And the wonderful thing is, I do not have to be physically present in Nature to make this connection with who I really am. As long as I am in touch with my heart, I am in touch with my core identity, and through this, with the core identity of anyone and anything else. In this state of consciousness, I am able to communicate more purely, compassionately and unconditionally. This is what I call heart-based communication. Communication from the heart, straight to the heart.

Wim Beunderman
Straight to the Heart

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