There is a place where nothing exists and where everything originates. Here, everything is present, everything has already been created. Here lies the essence, waiting to be shaped as we desire. Welcome to this place. It is your heritage, your destiny. Your gift of creation. This is Kairos. Kairos is also the name of my series of 3 on-demand courses that enable you to carry out your own concepting, branding and storytelling.

Kairos On-Demand Courses

Each of the 3 Kairos courses consists of a number of on-demand video lessons in the form of prerecorded webinars. Because they are on-demand, you can follow the courses whenever you like, at your own pace. The courses come with a coursebook that serves as a road map and reference work. After purchasing a course, you will receive a welcome email with the login information that you need to start the lessons on a webinar platform provided by WebinarGeek. Once you have logged in, you will be presented with an overview of the video lessons of the course.

2-in-1 Courses

These courses teach you more than the course subject. In fact, they are 2-in-1 courses, as each course also describes how the process of instant creation works and how you can apply this to your daily life or to your work.

Instant Concepting

Concepting is about describing the value that your product or service  provides to your target audience. The goal of the Instant Concepting course is being able to create a concept of this value proposition.

Instant Branding

Branding is about defining your brand, based on the core identity of your organization. The goal of the Instant Branding Course is being able to define a brand that your target audience identifies with.

Instant Storytelling

Storytelling is about telling the story of your brand in your own unique way. The goal of the Instant Storytelling Course is being able to discover a storytelling style that feels natural and authentic to you.

3 Different packages to choose from

Whatever course you take, there are 3 different packages to choose from. Prices are inclusive of 21% BTW (Dutch sales tax).

BASIC €111

A series of on-demand video lessons + one Coursebook

PLUS €222

BASIC + one 1-hour Heart-to-Heart session 

ALL-IN €333

PLUS + 1 hour’s worth of my services

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about the Kairos On-Demand Courses? Please contact me for more information or for a concepting, branding or storytelling course tailored to your own specific needs.

Did you know?

Kairos is one of two ancient Greek words for time. It is the qualitative and omnipresent concept of time and means ‘the right, opportune moment for action’.

Curere is a Latin word, meaning: ‘to progress on a path’, hence the English word ‘course’.

Educare is a Latin word, meaning: ‘to lead out from within’, hence the English verb ‘to educate’.