Vividly, I remember my encounter with a deer a few years back, in the autumn on an early morning run in the forest. Like all of my other encounters with animals in the wild, the deer surprised me by suddenly appearing out of nowhere. It literally crossed my path from an open field and dashed to the safety of the trees. There it stood some 25 metres away, looking at me while I felt my heart beating even faster from my contact with this magnificent creature. Instead of acting on my first impulse to take its picture, I simply stood there as our eyes locked and we connected.

Connecting with the essence

Now, you might be thinking: Hang on. What’s this got to do with branding? Well, I was just getting to that. In those moments together, I was absorbed by the deer’s presence and lost all track of time as we interacted naturally and purely. Blissfully unaware of the other’s form, we communicated at a deeper level without uttering a single word. And so, I was able to receive the valuable insights I needed at the time. To me, this is what branding is all about. Connecting with the essence of the people you want to reach and communicating almost effortlessly that special and valuable thing you have to offer.

By going beyond the form, we are able to connect with the essence.

Define your brand

How do you connect with the essence of your potential clients? Before we answer this question, let’s look at what essence really means. In branding, your essence is the identity of your business or organization. Although people may identify you by your appearance and the way you express yourself, your identity is not the same thing. Your identity goes beyond your outer form and represents who you truly are. Closely linked to this corporate identity is your purpose. In other words, what you have to offer to your target group. Put essence and purpose together and you have what is called a brand. Now, my purpose involves defining your identity and purpose to form your brand, so you will attract only the right clients.

Did you know?

Essentia is a Latin word, meaning: ‘to be’, hence the English word ‘essence’.

Want to communicate your brand?

Contact me and I will define and communicate your brand to the right people and organizations, for a long and rewarding business relationship.

Branding services

Brand definition

Using the information from branding sessions with you, interviews with colleagues and business partners, mood boards, symbolism and research, I am able to define your brand and describe this in a highly detailed brand story. Supplementary, I can also define and describe your products and services for you.

Brand design

In the next step in your branding, the graphic designer who I work with will create your brand design with a logo and other visual presentations of your brand. In the meantime, I can develop a branding strategy for you.


If you prefer, you can do your own branding. I provide workshops and Heart-to-Heart coaching sessions that help you to define and communicate your brand without having to go it alone.