A few years ago, I had an experience that provided me with a valuable insight into branding. It was in the autumn on an early morning run in the forest. Out of nowhere, a doe appeared. She crossed my path from an open field and dashed into the cover of the trees. There she stood some 20 paces away, looking at me while  my heart pounded away in my chest. Instead of acting on my first impulse to take its picture, I simply stood there as our eyes locked and we connected.

Express your core identity

The way in which we connected was what made the experience so valuable. In those moments together, we communicated without uttering a single word and exchanged information. This happened because I not only focused on the deer’s appearance but on her essence – her core identity – as well. To me, it summed up what branding is all about. Expressing your core identity and the value that you provide to your target audience.

Define your brand

People often confuse their identity with superficial aspects, such as their appearance, image, career, culture or beliefs. In order to define your brand, I go a lot deeper than that. I strip the outer layers away until there is nothing left but what your organization really is in its core. I then put this core identity of your organization together with your value proposition to define your brand. Your brand attracts the right people. It is what your audience identifies with and what drives them to do business with you.

Branding services

Brand definition

Using the information from branding sessions with you, interviews with your colleagues and business partners, mood boards, symbolism and my own research, I define your brand and describe this in a comprehensive brand story. This brand story forms the basis of your communication – your brand storytelling.

Brand design

The next step in your branding is the brand design. The graphic designer I work with creates your brand design with a logo and other visual presentations of your brand, based on the brand story.

Instant Branding Course

I am currently working on 3 on-demand courses. One of these is the Instant Branding Course. It enables you to define your own brand in a brand story. This course is ideal for the personal branding of sole proprietors and freelancers. Please check out my Courses page for more information

Did you know?

Essentia is a Latin word, meaning: ‘to be’, hence the English word ‘essence’.

Define your brand