How can I be of service to you?

In my experience as a communications advisor and communication coach, I see the communication process as being made up of three stages: Concepting, Branding and Storytelling. That’s why I’ve divided my communication services into three corresponding categories with the addition of Heart-to-Hearts, which is in a category of its own. Heart-to-Hearts is a service that I can provide in any of the three stages or before I get started on your communication project.


Concepting helps you to breathe life into your desires, dreams and ideas. Once your inspiration starts to flow, you can use your imagination to form doable concepts and achieve what you really want deep down inside with great confidence and enthusiasm.


Branding is about defining the identity and purpose of your business or organization and putting these together to form your brand. By expressing this brand, you will attract the right people and organizations, for a long and rewarding business relationship.


We are all natural-born storytellers with our own story to tell and our own way of telling it. With my help, you will discover your own storytelling style that you can apply to express your brand and communicate more easily and effectively. And have fun doing it.


In Heart-to-Heart coaching sessions, I listen closely, ask questions and tell you what I see and feel. This helps you to connect with yourself and to self-reflect. Each session provides you with important insights and ways of optimizing your communication.

Just who do you think you’re dealing with?

I’m a big fan of KISS. No, not the 70s rock band, although they had some beaut songs. I mean the acronym: Keep It Super Simple. Simplicity sums me up as a person and how I work and communicate.

Every day, I live a pure and simple life and strive for the highest high. That doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Far from it, actually. What I am though, is an easy-going bloke with a dry sense of humour and a passion for helping people out with their communication challenges, simply and effectively. People who know me characterize me as: open, sensitive, warm-hearted, pragmatic, highly motivated, collaborative, resourceful, empathetic, inquisitive, creative, ambitious and positive-minded. And also as a free spirit with a mind of his own who doesn’t beat about the bush.

I take my clients and their projects seriously and provide them beforehand with a clear and detailed description of how I can be of service to them and what I expect from them in return. At the same time, I go about my work in a playful and experimental way and have heaps of fun in the process. Because of this, I’m open to new perspectives and different ways of doing things while bearing the objectives of my clients in mind. Before embarking on a project with someone, I make sure we get to know each other better. That way I can find out whether we really connect, if everything feels right and whether we have a basis for a pleasant, prosperous and fulfilling working relationship.

So, please tell me about yourself

Enough yabber about me. I’d love to meet you, so you can tell me about yourself and your dreams, about what you’re working on, and what puts a smile on your face. We can meet online, offline and in real life. Send me a message or give me a call. Or check out my About WB page first for more information on me and my take on communication.

Did you know?

Squirrels symbolize: energy, playfulness, balance, preparation, socializing, prudence, resourcefulness, passion, vitality, trust and an active fun-filled life.