Long have I journeyed

Long have I journeyed. To the end of the Universe and back. From the beginning of time and throughout the ages into the present. The coming and going of many seasons have I witnessed. Much have I seen and heard. Many feelings have I felt, scents have I smelled, flavours have I tasted and thoughts have crossed my mind. Countless worlds and beings have I encountered, that in my memory seem but an instant away. Forever am I remembering the old and discovering the new. Forever am I changing. And forever shall I journey further beyond time and space.

With long and powerful strokes of his flippers, an ancient giant sea turtle by the name of Viajero propelled himself forward through the swell of the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Trinidad. He took his time, just as he had been doing all of his life. There was much to be seen and experienced, and he wished to take it all in consciously and absorb it in his being. In that way, he became one with it and let it change him in the way that his soul desired. Viajero welcomed change. Change was inevitable. Change helped him to adapt to ever changing situations and strengthen his connection with the Earth Mother.

George Benson – El Mar
“Oh, Grandma,” Philomena whispered, staring wistfully into space as she sat on the lounge in her garden room that overlooked the little bay in Trinidad. “I still can’t get over your sudden departure. There’s so much happening at the moment, so many changes. It feels as if my life has been turned upside down.”
She had barely finished speaking when a breeze gently brushed aside the curtains as it silently entered the room through the French windows. It ushered in a strange feeling. To Philomena it seemed as if the breeze was acting as a go-between. Then a warm voice spoke to her. A voice familiar and yet slightly different from the way she remembered.
“Philomena, you do not have to be afraid.”
“Grandma,” Philomena gasped when she recognized the voice of her maternal grandmother.

Right then she was overcome by a strange feeling. She recalled the day that her mother died, leaving her and her younger sister behind in the care of Grandma, as her father had died just after her sister was born. Now it felt as if she was that five year old girl again, sittting on her grandma’s lap and listening to her warm and comforting voice that softly whispered in her ear: ‘Don’t be afraid Philomena. Through your heart you are connected to the heart of the Earth Mother. Remain centred in your heart and she will guide and protect you.’
Philomena smiled through tears of love.
“Grandma, I miss you so much.”
“I know, sweatheart. But you’re going to be just fine. It won’t be long before you become a grandmother too.”
“So, you know about Cassie?”
Philomena’s daughter Cassandra, or Cassie as she was often called, was expecting for the first time. To Philomena, the promise of a grandchild was like a beacon of hope. It gave her something new to turn her attention to. At the same time, she worried about the troubled world that the baby would be born in.

While Viajero swam, he was very much in contact with his surroundings. To his left, slightly above him, he noticed a large school of brightly coloured fish darting by, causing the flow of water to alter slightly. He felt it brush against his leathery skin, and although the sensation was familiar, it was not exactly the same as the last time or all of the times before. This applied to everything that he experienced, for instance the shells with their inhabitants on the sandy seabed below him, some strands of loose seaweed floating by and the rays of the sun filtering through the water. His senses were constantly feeding him with new information that enabled him to experience himself physically in this material world. A world in which everyone and everything was spiritually connected and in continuous telepathy with each other.

Everyone and everything was part of a big family that was cared for and supported by the Earth Mother. And, just like in any other family, the members of this Earth family and its Earth Mother experienced many changes and would continue doing so forever. For instance, for some time now, Viajero had been experiencing a gradual increase in water temperature and even a slight change in the currents. This did not bother him though, because deep down, he knew that the Earth Mother was guiding him. As long as he continued to listen to her messages by way of his senses, he would be taken care of. Because of this, Viajero never felt uneasy or uncertain. No matter what circumstances he found himself in, he would always be able to adapt and therefore thrive. He had known this from the moment that he was afloat in the waters of his mother’s womb. The womb that was ethereally connected to the Earth Mother’s womb.

“I know you’re worried about the baby and what challenges it will encounter on its journey through life,” Grandma said.
Philomena smiled. Simply hearing her grandmother speak such consoling words gave her the reassurance she needed.
“Yes, I am worried, Grandma.”
“Well, you needn’t be. All you need to do, is focus on yourself.”
Philomena nodded.
“The baby in Cassie’s womb will sense when you are centred, and by being centred, you will provide it with a loving and powerful environment. Do you remember what I told you the day that Mummy died?”
Grandma’s question made Philomena smile brighter than she had done in a long time.
“Yes, you told me that my heart and the Earth Mother’s heart are always connected, and that by listening to my heart, the Earth Mother will guide and protect me.”
“Good girl. And by now, you know how true this is, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do, Grandma. And I also know that because of it, I am able to deal with any changes that come along.”
“Yes, you will. Change will come along like it always has and if you let the Earth Mother guide you, change will enable you to progress and transform. And that’s why you needn’t fear change. Nobody does.”

George Benson – Everything Must Change
“Goodbye sweetie …” Grandma’s voice echoed in the distance.
Then Philomena felt the immediate presence of another being. Another voice sounded. A voice equally warm and loving, yet far more powerful.
“Hello dear Philomena.”
“Hello Earth Mother,” Philomena replied, surprised to discover that she knew who was speaking to her.
“You know that you are a very wise woman, don’t you?”
Philomena blushed.
“That is why I am going to tell you something very important. Something for you to pass on to the soul to whom your daughter will soon give birth.”
Philomena listened eagerly to what the Earth Mother was going to say.
“For thousands of years, humankind has abused me and exploited me for my resources. And yet, I have forgiven it, just as I have forgiven myself for accepting such maltreatment, for I know that it was borne of ignorance and fear. My forgiveness is an invitation to humankind to engage in the expansion of collective consciousness and bring about the transformation of our planet into paradise as was intended.”

“Hmm, I love the sound of that,” Philomena sighed with a smile of pure bliss on her face.
“I knew you would.”
“But, there is still something I don’t understand.”
“And what is that, my child?”
“What about climate change and all that pollution?”
“Well, contrary to what you have been led to believe, climate change and pollution are not connected.”
Philomena’s eyebrows arched.
“Climate change is a natural cycle, similar to that of the seasons and the tides, while pollution is caused by humans. However, humankind has nothing to fear as long as it is prepared to change. By expanding your consciousness, you will raise your energetic frequency and become more centred in your heart. And as you know by now, your heart is connected to mine.”
“So, if we change, you will change, and vice versa?”
“Exactly, Philomena. Together we shall transform this planet into paradise with a balanced climate and with healthy environments in which all beings may thrive. Now that you know this, you are prepared for your task as a grandmother. I am going to leave you now, but remember that you can always communicate with me by way of the heart.”
“Thank you Mother. Goodbye,” Philomena said smiling radiantly.
“Goodbye Philomena,” the Earth Mother replied, and in an instant she was gone.

That night Philomena went to sleep with a warm and fuzzy feeling in her belly, her womb, to be precise. She slept ten hours straight to wake up the next morning to a tapping sound. She sat upright, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and was delighted to see a hummingbird hovering outside the bedroom window.
“Oh, hello sweet little bird,” she said, laughing as it tapped at the window again.
Then the hummingbird flew off as swiftly as it had come, leaving Philomena to ponder the reason for its surprise visit. A few seconds later, she smiled as the image of her daughter’s happy face appeared before her mind’s eye. She grabbed her phone and phoned Cassie straight away.
“Cassie!” she cried out, excitedly, when Cassie picked up the phone.
“Mum!” Cassie replied crying and laughing at the same time. “You’re a grandma.”
“Yes, I know. A little bird told me,” Philomena replied through tears of joy. “Oh, congratulations sweetie. I’m so happy for you.”
“Thank you Mum. Her name is Zoe.”
Half an hour later. Philomena and Cassie were sitting on the lounge together in Cassie’s living room. Philomena held Zoe in her arms and kept kissing her ever so gently on her forehead and cheeks.
“Hmm, don’t you smell lovely,” she said, breathing in her newborn granddaughter’s scent.
“The scent of life,” Cassie added.
Then, when Zoe started crying softly, Philomena whispered soothingly in her tiny ear: “Don’t be afraid Zoe. Through your heart you are connected to the heart of the Earth Mother. Remain centred in your heart and she will guide and protect you.”
Zoe instantly stopped crying and made a contented little gurgling sound before drifting off into a vivid dream. In her dream she was a young woman standing ankle deep in the surf at the beach near her grandma’s house. She smiled as the long awaited sea turtle of her vision swam towards her and beckoned to her to join him for a while. Naturally, she accepted his invitation and climbed on to his back. ‘Viajero,’ she whispered and kissed him gratefully on his tough, leathery head. And then, with a deep and warm feeling of love in her heart, she asked him: ‘Take me to the Earth Mother’s womb, just like you took my mother, her mother and all of the mothers before her.’

Long have I journeyed. And forever shall I journey further beyond time and space.
John Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace (full album)
Sea turtle: inner wisdom; intuition; journeys; long life; adapting to new environments and surroundings; experimenting with new ideas while maintaining a comfortable self pace
Viajero: Spanish for ‘traveller’
Philomena: Girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning: ‘lover of strength’. Saint Philomena is the patron saint of infants, babies and youth
Cassandra: Girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning: ‘to shine’, often abbreviated to ‘Cassie’
Hummingbird: Coming out of nowhere, bringing joy; all things good; the original name of Trinidad was ‘Land of the Hummingbird’
Zoe: Girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning: ‘life’

‘Sea’ by David Mark on Pixabay
‘Pensive Female’ by Skeeze on Pixabay
‘Barbados’ by suesun on Pixabay
‘Bajan Hummingbird’ by macmukka on Freeimages.com


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