How do I seduce you?

How do I seduce you?

5 Tips on how to write seductive web copy

Does this sound familiar? There you were standing in the schoolyard, eyeing up that girl or boy who you had a massive crush on and asking yourself: How do I seduce you? I don’t know how you went about it, but I followed my instincts. For many years now, people in the advertising business know that we are not so much led by facts but by our feelings.

Do you want a business relationship with your website visitors?

That also goes for your website visitors. Of course it’s important to inform them clearly about the facts, but more importantly, your website should make them feel good. Not only about your products or services, also about you. They have to be able to trust you. So, you need to put some feeling into your writing. Do you want a business relationship with your website visitors? Read my 5 chat-up tips on how to write seductive web copy.

Tip no. 1 Get real close

First of all, shorten the distance. Imagine the website visitor sitting opposite you. Get real close and make contact. Address them directly with ‘you’ and ‘your’. Always write in the first person. In other words, refer to yourself as ‘I’ and ‘me’. Now I mention it, never refer to yourself as ‘we’ if you’re a sole proprietor.

And the most important thing is attention. Give them sincere attention and ‘talk’ twice as much about them as yourself. By that I mean that you describe the situation or the problem of your visitors. Because you’ve got the solution, haven’t you? Show some understanding and you will have their attention.

Tip no. 2 I’ve got something tasty for you

Okay, now you’ve got their attention, it’s time for the message: I’ve got something tasty for you. We’re talking about the value that you can provide them with. In branding jargon this is called your ‘proposition’.

Now you’re going to give them a peak of that tasty something. Not all of it, because then you’ll lose their attention, just enough to interest them. That’s how you keep it exciting and how you encourage them to take action.

Remember that your visitors are led by their feelings. So, get their imagination going and make them long for what you have to offer. This is very easy when you use a figure of speech. For example: Our pastry is mouth-watering.

Tip no. 3 Do you like me?

Do you like me? An important question when making a pass at someone. In other words: What do your website visitors like about you? Formulate your strengths – unique selling points – and turn these into no more than five core words. By the way, these are the words that your visitors used to find your website or blog.

Your visitors are looking for these strengths of yours. So, use the keywords that describe them best in your web copy. No more than 3% of the text, as you have to be able to live up to them later on. Besides, bragging is so unromantic.

Tip no. 4 The way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach

Another thing that’s not romantic is over feeding your website visitors. It’s true that the way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach, as long as it’s in small bites. Your information is sure to be new to your visitors. So, tell your story slowly and logically and use simple words. And make sure you explain difficult terms, such as professional jargon.

You can hand-feed your visitors by providing a constant flow of words. Divide the text into short blocks for them to chew on and digest at their leisure. Add a tempting header to each text block and make sure it reappears in the text. Longing for more, your visitors will be led through the text.

Tip no. 5 I want you!

The objective of your web copy is that your website visitors respond to your advances. The romantic poet and playwright William Shakespeare knew how to win the hearts of his readers, using only a few words. On the Internet you have very little time to court your visitors. So, write short sentences and avoid using the passive tense.

And shorten the text of the web pages by 30%. Even when writing purely informative texts, blogs, news articles or texts about several services. By the way, it’s better to describe each of your services on its own subpages. Someone once coined the phrase ‘less is more’. Your visitors will read your short and therefore powerful web copy and think: I want you!

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