Because. I Am Human.

Because. I Am Human.

What about you?

Monday, 6:30 a.m. It is cold and dark and I can hear the rain pouring down outside. That’s not going to stop me though. Monday is one of the days I go running, come rain or shine. Sure, I can choose to run tomorrow instead, but I want to feel the raindrops landing on my head and trickling down my face and throat. I want to hear the thudding of my feet on the muddy forest trail to the rhythm of my breathing. I want to smell the scent of the pine trees and taste the sweat on my upper lip. And I look forward to the satisfaction afterwards of having performed without a purpose. So, I put on my gear, lace up my running shoes and run. Because I am human and I am living my life to the full.

I Am Human. Because.

I enjoy the so-called little things in life
I take good care of our cats
I enjoy a big bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast
I let people know I’ve received their message
I give the cashier a big smile and bid them a good day
I help others to the best of my ability
I do what makes me feel warm inside
I do what I am good at
I love writing stories
I love expressing myself
I am afraid of swimming across the lake but I’ll do it anyway
I cherish the warmth of the summer sun on my face
I am affectionate
I love the patterns the water leaves in the sand
I make mistakes and learn from them
I accept what I am feeling right now
I am passionate about what I do
I seek to surpass myself time and time again
I laugh at people’s jokes
I enjoy being in Nature
I connect with animals
I like picking what clothes to wear
I forgive myself
I listen to the birds singing at the break of day
I take time being alone to self-reflect
I take in the tiniest of details
I am grateful for the goodness in my life
I love travelling and discovering new places
I wrap my hands around a cup of black coffee and soak up the warmth
I listen to the wheat rustling in the wind
I always push myself a little further and make each day count (that’s my ethos)

Because. I Am Human.

Regaining our humanity

There was a time when I was afraid we humans were losing our humanity. That what makes us human. We spent less time with each other and on the things that really matter. Caught up in the drudgery of everyday life, we became hollow and shallow. We lacked warmth and passion, lustre and compassion. Our inner light was all but extinguished. Then something happened. I can’t pinpoint when, explain how or even determine what it was. Anyhow, we started noticing each other again. We paid more attention, were kinder and more thoughtful. Most of all, we began living again. We were regaining our humanity.

I Am Human. What about you?   

If we are to bring about positive change to turn the world into a happy place, it will not be through intelligence. No amount of intelligence, be it human or artificial, can replace our humanity. For intelligence has no real life, no soul, no profound connection with the greater being. Our humanity does. That is why every day, I make a conscious effort to express my humanity. With this blog post combined with regular ‘Because. I Am Human.’ posts on LinkedIn and Instagram, I invite others to do the same. I Am Human. What about you? Please finish the sentence below in a comment on this post, in an email and/or in reply to my social posts. And feel free to share this post with anyone else.

I Am Human. Because…


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  1. Geert

    I am human, because I can leave a comment here. I could doubt what to write here. I f some ask “why did you doubt?” that would be a question also to prove you are human. We are all humans with our emotions, and we think about what could go right or wrong in any given situation. Being a human is a bliss. And we are also aware of the fact that animals and plants are bliss. We think about all of that. Taht makes us human, or rather.. that is a part of being human.

    • Wim Beunderman

      Hi Geert,
      Love your take on expressing your humanity. Doubting, expressing our emotions and thinking about what could go right or wrong sum up nicely the complexity of being human. Your lines almost make me wonder if you’ve been watching a doco about my life…haha. ;-)) And I believe being human is bliss too. The word bliss conjures up the expression ‘ beautiful mess’. That’s how I experience being human at times. Thanks again, mate.


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